A – Actual Yield

AIP – Approved Insurance Provider

APH – Actual Production History

AR – Acreage Report

ARC – Agriculture Risk Coverage (FSA)

ARD – Acreage Reporting Date

BFR – Beginning Farmer Rancher

BU – Basic Unit

BUD – Basic Unit Discount

C – Cupped Yield

CAT – Catastrophic Risk Protection

CBOT – Chicago Board of Trade

CEPP – Commodity Exchange Price Provisions

CIH – Crop Insurance Handbook

CLU – Common Land Unit

CO – Cover Crop

CRP – Conservation Reserve Program

EIN – Employee Identification Number

EP – Enterprise Units by Practice

EU – Enterprise Unit

F – Floored Yield

FCIC – Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

FPD – Final Plant Date

FSA – Farm Service Agency

FSN – Farm Serial Number

GFP – Good Farming Practice

GPA – Guarantee Per Acre

GR – Grain

GS – Grain and Graze

GSI – Growing Season Inspection

GZ – Graze

H – Harvested

HR – High Risk Land

IR – Indemnity Reduced

IRR – Irrigated

KCBOT – Kansas City Board of Trade

LAM – Loss Adjustment Manual

LP – Late Planting

LP – Coverage Level by Practice

LPP – Late Plant Period

LRFR – Limited Resource Farmer Rancher

LRP – Livestock Risk Protection

MPCI – Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

NAP – Non-Insured Assistance Program

NASS – National Agriculture Statistics

NB –New Breaking

NCIS –National Crop Insurance Services

NIRR –Non-Irrigated

NOAA –National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Admin

NOL –Notice of Loss

NRCS –Natural Resource Conservation Service

NP –New Producer

NYCE –New York Stock Exchange

NPS –No Practice Specified

NTS –No Type Specified

OU –Optional Unit

PRF –Pasture, Rangeland, Forage

POA –Power of Attorney

P/T/V –Practice/Type/Variety

PP –Prevented Planting

PLC –Price Loss Coverage (FSA)

PRD –Production Reporting Date

Q –Short Rate Descriptor

QAF –Quality Adjustment Factor

RI –Restored Indemnity

RO –Regional Office ( RMA)

RP –Revenue Protection

RPHE –Revenue Protection with Harvest Exclusion

RMA –Risk Management Agency

SCD –Sales Closing Date

SOI –Schedule of Insurance

SE –Seed Endorsement

SR –Short Rate

SA-T –Simple Average T-Yield

SSN –Social Security Number

STAX –Stacked Income Protection Plan

SRA –Standard Reinsurance Agreement

SBI –Substantial Beneficial Interest

SCO –Supplemental Coverage Option

T-Yield –Transitional Yield

TA –Trend Adjustment

UH –Un-Harvested

UI –Uninsurable

USDA –United States Department of Agriculture

UR –Unreported

WA –Written Agreement

WAH –Written Agreement Handbook

YA –Yield Adjustment

YE –Yield Exclusion

YP –Yield Protection